Dimitris Manikis

“Georgia has been proving itself as a mecca for international tourism. We couldn’t be happier with the decision and opportunity to invest in this beautiful country and the companies that work daily to improve it”.
We sat down with Dimitris Manikis, President of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to learn more about the Wyndham Residences Batumi, a global partnership between Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and Georgia’s own Next Group. The resort will be opened in 2024, giving Gonio its first 5* hospitality experience. And what an experience it will be.

Journalist: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is the world’s largest franchisor, with approximately 9000 hotels (over 813 000 rooms under 22 global brands) in 223 cities. However, this new project comprises 450 serviced apartments and 100 hotel rooms (also serviced), bringing it closer to the Buy-Use-Let philosophy. Is this the trend of hospitality?

Dimitris Manikis: We think it is. The hospitality sector has undergone major changes over the past years, and, excluding the pandemic, one of the most decisive factors in that change was the success extended stay and buy-use-let sectors had along with the concept of the branded residences. But, if you analyze that closely, what’s really at the base of that business is freedom. It’s the “home away from home” idea that attracts people, the freedom it gives them to live different experiences in different locations. Of course, we want our clients to experience that also, but within the quality standards and wide investment opportunities for the property investors, we believe we can make that experience even better.

Journalist: A home away from home without the hassles of home?

Dimitris Manikis: (laughs) Yes! Exactly. You have the freedom to come and go as you please but aren’t limited to having to eat out all the time, for example. We understand this factor is very important for people who prefer to cook their meals or sit down in a more intimate and private setting with their family or friends. Seeing as the apartments are fully equipped, this is now easily possible. The branded residence service guarantees that you won’t have to worry about anything else after that. Professional Hotel Management Company will take care of everything.“Georgia has been proving itself as a mecca for international tourism. We couldn’t be happier with the decision and opportunity to invest in this beautiful country and the companies that work daily to improve it”.

Journalist: Wyndham has a Georgian partner in this venture: Next Group. How has that partnership developed?

Dimitris Manikis: It has been a rewarding experience to work with so many different professionals, each expert in their area. Next Group and their selection of international partners have proved themselves to be the best investment and development ally we could find. They already operate in the Gonio-Batumi region and have been successful with their projects. They have provided us with precious local know-how and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our standards, requirements and expectations have been fully met with them.

Journalist: Speaking of the Gonio region, why did this partnership decide on this little corner of Georgia?

Dimitris Manikis: Georgia is quickly becoming a mecca for international tourism. Its natural beauty and history make it the perfect destination for those wanting a holiday away from the usual tourist-heavy destinations elsewhere in Europe. Gonio has the ideal combination of all this – the Black Sea is magnificent here, and the fact that it’s nestled between the sea and the mountains makes its natural beauty even more alluring. We’re building the first 5* experience within the branded residences in the region, providing quality accommodation for people from all over the world but, first and foremost, to Georgians. Another factor was finding a successful partner to help develop the project with dedication and professionalism. Next Group really helped with this and made that decision easy.

Journalist: A casino is in the works?

Dimitris Manikis: Yes, it’s part of WYNDHAM Residences Batumi, and we’re confident it will be a significant factor in attracting more people to our venue, including those from neighboring countries. We also have other services and facilities such as conference rooms for businesses or those meeting there on business trips, a restaurant, all-inclusive packages and modern, contemporary design and business-class features that will elevate the experience for everyone.

Journalist: Do you see this project as a strong factor in attracting more hospitality industry players to the region?

Dimitris Manikis: Well, that could and probably will happen in the future, especially if our project runs as well as expected. But we have total faith in the quality of Residences product, our services and the professionalism of our partners. We know the market and operate globally. We have everything it takes to be leaders in the region and this type of offering.The WYNDHAM Residences Batumi, located in Gonio, Batumi, offers 576 serviced apartments to buy or rent (from 30.5 to 56.8 square meters). In addition, there will be 100 rooms WYNDHAM Garden hotel, all-inclusive packages catered to different needs, a swimming pool and a fitness center, a restaurant, a conference hall, a playground for children, a spa, a winter garden and a casino.

Promoted and developed by Next Group (Georgia) and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham Residence Batumi promises to bring the perfect experience to this beautiful corner of the Black Sea coast in 2024.


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