a new word in touristic recognition of Georgian coastal area on an international scale
There are people who are not afraid of new challenges, risks, failures or starting all over again. Such people put maximum effort in implementing their ideas. They also have the power to convince others of the validity of their own vision of the future and ultimately achieve the result.
Such people make decisions that the many think are too risky. Find new opportunities where others cannot see. They know exactly what they want and they create real values. Having gone through all these stages, our respondent is currently leading the process of implementing those values in Adjara. He is the first developer to introduce simultaneously 3 high-class brands to Georgian seaside offering 5-star brand residences to customers.

We’d like to introduce Kakha Devadze, a 37-year-old financial manager, who started active work in the field of development 10 years ago and decided to set the highest standards of service in Georgia and contribute to the development of tourism in the country. As he points out, there have been many success stories and fundamental changes over the years. It is the fifth year that he has been managing his own development company - "Next Group".

After the first successfully completed project, the company "Next Group" has expanded the construction process to several locations in Adjara. Next is the first developer in Georgia to introduce 3 high class brands at one location in Gonio: the Wyndham Garden Hotel and the 5-star hotel residences of Wyndham and Radisson. According to Mr. Kakha, the construction of Sheraton and Radisson hotels years ago significantly changed the image of Batumi leading to better customer satisfaction. The development of tourism in Georgia has increased the demand from consumers for better services, which is why Kakha Devadze decided to offer something new to consumers.

"The market is very saturated with new constructions, as if the choice is great, but the apartments no longer satisfy customers.The so-called Brand apartments in Georgia do not meet the requirements. Therefore, the attitude towards them changes.Everyone likes "Radisson" and "Sheraton" ! They like the concept and offered service.This is where the idea came from.Why not. I thought we should offer new standards to customers, an opportunity to become owners of real brand residences where they can receive exactly the same service that these types of hotels provide.There will be only one difference: you become the owner of "Radisson" or "Wyndham" residence and not just a guest."In addition to taking care of the property, big brands also take care of rentals," - says Kakha Devadze.

- How difficult was it to spark interest among brands of this scale towards a place which is quite unknown for them? Especially considering that there is practically no 5-star brand in Gonio and you are the first.

- At first there were difficulties. The market mainly uses the primary effect of brands. When a brand sees that only the brand name is used and the processes are going differently, the degree of trust decreases. That's why we also had to restore the damaged reputation of developers! At first, they were suspicious. When they saw that we were thoroughly following the standards proposed by them and we were using visual communication material not only for marketing, the direction of our collaboration changed. The level of trust is so high now that the brand is proactive in offering novelties, knowing that they are dealing with a trustworthy company.

- Because of global pandemic, many businesses have ceased to exist and large businesses became less active. However, Next launched new projects and new ways of collaboration exactly at this time. I wonder how you managed this and how successful the taken risk was?

- We saw an opportunity during the pandemic. Almost everything stopped, we were actually left alone in the market. In a way it was a challenge too and we turned that challenge into an opportunity creating a new stage. We all have one goal - quality, the highest result and service that will leave everyone satisfied and we will definitely achieve this result. I can boldly say that over the last three years, this is the first project in Georgia, which unifies simultaneous construction of three 5-star brand residences in one location. This is the beginning and the rest is yet to come. My goal is to take Adjara to the next level so that the local population can feel the results. This large-scale project will significantly improve the investment potential, visual and economic condition of Gonio.

- Besides the fact that three 5-star brand residences with full infrastructure will be arranged in Gonio, please further explain to our readers, what kind of benefits does the owner of the residence receive?

- First of all, collaboration with international brands is already an important aspect. I can outline the key benefits in few points:
1. Association with international Brand - perceived as "Safe".
2. The concept of brand residence.
3. Brand residence finished and equipped following the international standards.
4. Well-arranged environment with developed infrastructure.
5. Investment potential and income-rental system (annual income from property rental in numbers is 10-12% per year).
6. The owner of the residence is also involved in the timesharing program, which, of course, is under the brand umbrella. You can mark the date in advance on a calendar and have vacations at a residence of the same brand in another country completely free of charge.
7. And most importantly - the management company manages the process and ensures maintenance of the residences.

- We create the environment, we build, we follow the requirements of the brand and the brand becomes both the highest service provider and the guarantor. In a nutshell, we are creating a resort with brand infrastructure on the first line of the sea, where everyone can live, enjoy vacations and get the maximum service. We will meet all the challenges of the modern period.

- We are now working on acquiring a blue flag status for Gonio beach and marking it on a tourist map. This also happens for the first time in Georgia. Receiving blue flag means that the water is clean according to 27 international criteria and meets environmental standards. This status will take the reputation of Gonio beach to a new level.

- It is striking that the greenery around your property is intact and new plants are added before the construction is completed. On all constructions, yards are arranged, tiles are already in place, as if development of the infrastructure goes on in parallel. Is this also part of a new strategy?

- Yes indeed. Our priority is to adapt to the environment and not the other way round. We have preserved all the eucalyptus we found on the land and planted new plants, this is just the beginning.

- We also have a new approach in terms of arranging infrastructure. In parallel with the construction, the pool is being built, the lawns and the yard are being arranged. We are willing to improve the damaged image in this regard as well. The developers often delay or neglect development of the infrastructure. We are not going to arrange receptions, cafes or pools after the project is completed, it is going on simultaneously and as it turns out the infrastructure is completed on the first stage. For example, the pool at Wyndham Batumi Residence will be ready this summer. In order to avoid doubts that the reception will be used for commercial purposes, it will be also done soon. We are arranging the largest reception on 240 square meters area with a 8-meter ceiling.

- It can be said that you are creating a high-class resort promising precision in performance which is not just a beautifully presented project with visual communication.

- Yes, that’s true. What you see in communication visuals in 3D, we are building exactly the same thing. Our main goal is to reach customer satisfaction, to implement highest standards of service and to contribute to development of the seaside zone. We have and we will have even more satisfied customers who will receive real 5 star service -this is the biggest prestige and "benefit" of our company. Next Group will be the first company to be officially marked on the map of international hotels with brand residences, and this news is important not only for the company, but also for the country.


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